Blog Obituary

Dear followers,

All 18 of you.

This blog never gets updated, which is partly due to my inability to take good photographs which, in turn, is due to the fact I don’t take that many.

I plan on changing this, but I won’t be doing it here.

I have misgivings about the continued use of Tumblr as a blogging platform, nevertheless I shall continue to use it until I find something more satisfactory - even then I may still maintain a presence here.

All new content shall be posted here.

This blog shall remain as a memoir of the two (perhaps three) photographs I can honestly say I am proud of. (The military band one, the guy drinking on a street corner and maybe the one of the alleyway.)

Here is one last photograph of two buskers in Darlington town centre.

Thank you for following this blog, I’d be grateful if you followed me to the next.

TL;DR: This blog is dead. Go here: MadeInBritton

P.S. The new blog won’t have any content yet, this shall be rectified asap.